Migration Specialties Europe

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Migration Specialties Europe

Company Background

Migration Specialties Europe is a privately held software development and IT consultancy company based in the Netherlands.

Our main product is a line of Alpha emulation software solutions: AvantiAvantiFlex, and FreeAXP. We develop these in-house, with a little help from our partners.

Migration Specialties Europe was founded in 2009 by Mr. Camiel Vanderhoeven, who has an extensive background in hard- and software engineering, as well as in the design, implementation and management of mission-critical IT systems (for the Dutch Government among others). Camiel is the developer of the ES40 emulator, the only open-source Alpha emulator to date that's capable of booting OpenVMS.

Camiel Vanderhoeven closely co-operates with Mr. Bruce Claremont, founder of Migration Specialties International.

Migration Specialties Europe is a trade name of Camicom SSC.